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Listen: Zack de la Rocha - digging for windows

The legendary Rage Against The Machine frontman is finally back, as fierce as ever
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Zack de la Rocha

It finally happened. Zack de la Rocha, or ZRD for short, has finally returned. For almost twenty years we have been waiting for a solo album from the artist, and after a few fantastic collaborations - such as "March Of Death" with DJ Shadow - fans have been dying for more. Being that he has one of the most instantly recognizable voices ever in music, Zack's snarl is one that instantly gets you going, ready to face any challenge. 

Why am I even writing this article? A few reasons. First, ZDR and Rage Against The Machine are one of my biggest influences in music. RATM has been part of my life's soundtrack for as long as I can remember. 

Second, and this is big, the track itself is huge. A masterfully, yet not overdone electronic heater produced by Run The Jewels' El-P, it's a perfect blend of hip-hop and gritty analogue sounds that compliments ZDR's vocals perfectly. 

The third reason I write this is, simply, because good music needs to be heard. Rage Against The Machine was, and forever will be, one of the greatest bands ever. de la Rocha's ability to conjure anger, frustration, and politics is second to none. 

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The fact that this is as much an electronic track as it isn't is great. It's a very modern take on the classic sound that we've grown to love, and while a true Rage reunion would be epic, this nearly just as good. 

It's always worrying when an artist takes such a long break in between releases. Will they sound the same? Have they evolved? Is it better to just remember them for who they were? Unfortunately, the amount of times artists have returned, only to disappoint is innumerable. However, that's not to say that the opposite hasn't been true as well. Case in point: this new ZDR track. 

Trent Reznor previously stated that while working with Zack, it had become a constant battle between sounding too much like Rage, and being too different from what ZDR had become known for. As an artist myself, this is totally understandable. Evolving without alienating is a delicate balance, and this track seems to show that it's finally been accomplished, and the raw passion is still blazing. 

To make this post even better, the rest of the album is on the way sometime in 2017, 100% this time. So then, without further ado, listen and move to Zack de la Rocha - digging for windows.

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