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Since Native Instruments released the original Maschine, it has been one of the most powerful drum programming devices in the game. Since then, the brand has expanded into much more than a simple drum pad - it's become an entire work station. Native Instruments wants to reintroduce the idea of jamming when producing music electronically, and that's why they have created the Maschine Jam.

Jam is a new piece of gear that would be welcome in any studio. Bringing back the tangibility of playing an instrument, Jam allows producers to create music spontaneously. Maschine Jam offers a unique swift way to make music. With features from step-sequencing, LED pads, Perform FX, and Smart Strips, JAM offers a powerhouse of versatility. It comes with sounds from Maschine 2.5 software and Komplete 11 Select so artists can hit the ground running when they buy it by just plugging and playing seamlessly with any DAW of their choice. 


Keyboard Mode

  • Select a scale and chord values and start playing right away.
  • The Arpeggiator can turn simple melodies into intricate patterns.


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  • Construct and reconstruct patterns on the fly, group them as scenes that you can arrange from the ground up and import them into your DAW to take things a step further.

Note Sequencing

  • Step sequence notes to hit directly on the 8x8 click-pad matrix .

Motion-Sensitive Perform FX and Smart Strips

  • Control sounds with the touch of your fingers, moving your fingers to mold songs on the fly.

Works with Your DAW

  • Seamlessly integrate into any DAW and fit right into your studio setup, standalone or as a plug-in.

Learn more about MASCHINE JAM at the Native Instruments Website.

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