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Mixmag is Narrating the Islington Council's Review of Fabric's License

...And, uh, we're narrating that.
Islington Council review of Fabric's license

The Islington Council review of London nightclub Fabric's venue license. Source: Mixmag.

UPDATE: The Islington Council has officially revoked Fabric's license, resulting in the nightclub's permanent closure.

The Islington Council is holding its review of Fabric's license today, and even if you're unable to attend the proceeding for yourself you can still receive live updates. The London nightclub has been closed for a month following the drug-related deaths of two attendees, and lawmakers are currently meeting decide whether it will reopen its doors to the public.

Representatives on behalf of Mixmag are in attendance at the review, and they're tweeting live updates from the hearing. Among some of the more notable developments are the committee chair asking if higher BPMs should be banned (which the licensing authority at first deemed unenforceable but is now being considered by the club's ownership), the entire room erupting in applause when a senior citizen speaks in defense of Fabric, and a member of the Islington council calling for the club's license to be revoked while in tears.

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Magnetic Magazine has included a handful of Mixmag and their staff's most notable tweets below, and we will continue to add updates as the Islington Council review of Fabric's license unfolds. To see the entire feed for yourself, click here.

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