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NINE LIVES Serve Up Tasty LDRU Rework

The fresh, innovative and heartfelt production duo is just getting started on adding their own influence to a saturated industry
Nine Lives Art 2016

Mysterious production duo NINE LIVES have been tearing up the future bass scene the past year and a half and seem to have only just begun. The duo was recently revealed as producers BARE and Henrix to much surprise. This remix was part of the official LDRU "Next To You" remix package on Ultra Music and stands out amongst the other top quality reworks in the package. I've had my eye on this project since the beginning of this year and it has been quite the sight to see this grow and develop. 

With a distinct approach to their music, NINE LIVES takes risks and they pay off massively. This is no doubt a duo to watch as 2016 ends and 2017 approaches. By pushing boundaries and fusing together their own style, this pair of talented producers seems to be a match made in heaven. Their blend of future bass and atmospheric vibes with a touch of the feels combines for a tasty and warming interpretation. 

With plenty of bass and trippy elements throughout their productions, these guys hit all the right notes and continue to build up their momentum and anticipation for the live performance which has yet to take place. Keep your eyes and ears tuned in for what they do next, as I'm sure it will become increasingly difficult for NINE LIVES to go unnoticed on a bigger scale for much longer. 

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"We loved this opportunity to work with such a talented Australian artist. "Next To You" was a fun song to remix and we hope our version takes you on a ride just like the original."

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