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Desert festivals are great - sweating inside your tent like a wildebeest on crack is not great. Aside from stuffing ice cubes in your jammies or sleeping in the front seat of your car with the AC on, there hasn't been a lot of relief for the festival tent sweats.

Don't worry, semi-happy campers, there is a solution on the way and it's called the No Bake Tent

no bake tent

The No Bake tent looks to be one of the best festival tents ever constructed.

You don't really ever want to wake up baking hot in your tent - unless it's winter time. The No Bake tent will let you sleep in and stay cool. How do they do this, you ask? The tent uses space age technology to keep you comfortable... Yes, we will explain. 

The guys at No Bake had to create 14 prototypes to unlock the secrets of a tent that stays cool in direct sunlight. They also addressed other environmental factors that can shit on your festival experience if you aren't prepared. This tent is designed to stand up to strong winds and keep sand and dust where they belong - outside with the morning psytrance crowd (kidding, kind of). 

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The tent is also designed to seamlessly integrate with today's tech gear - cell phones, solar panels, LED lights, speakers, and power packs. It's tall enough to stand up in, even if you're 6'5"! And of course it comes with 4 beverage holders for your adult beverages or electric Kool-Aid (you hippie). 

no bake tent stats

The proof.

The No Bake crew has performed field tests in Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California. The tent warms up dramatically slower than normal tents, so you don't become the morning roast - you just drink it, if you can find someone to make it that's not completely wrecked. 

Once it starts to warm up outside, the air inside the tent tends to be close to the ambient air temperature. In several of their tests the results have proved the NBT to be cooler inside by noon than it was outside! In addition, the tent doesn't require fans and batteries to achieve this performance. 

Check out their Kickstarter Page here to help make this bad boy a reality. We definitely want one!

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