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NoMBe teams up with Sonny Alven for a special "California Girls" Remix

NoMBe's latest remix is perfect for the end of Summer
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NoMBe is back and after his latest single, “Kemosabe,” was used in HBO series Ballers’ latest sex scene, he’s here to leave another lasting impression with the new NoMBe Vs. Sonny Alven track, “California Girls.” The vibey and hypnotic tune is equal parts instantly addicting and entrancing. 

NoMBe’s original “California Girls” garnered over 20 millions streams worldwide and Sonny Alven, a viral artist in his own right, has attained over 40 million streams worldwide. In addition, the track quickly rose to #1 on Spotify’s global charts - reason enough to check out the reimagined version.

This new incarnation of “California Girls” is a hazy, sun-soaked rendition, here to leave an end of summer splash on your current playlists. NoMBe is an LA-based artist and producer, and you’ll want to keep an eye on his socials, as he’ll certainly be back with another NSFW addition to your inbox soon… Trust. Check out the enthralling, kaleidoscopic video below.

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