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Police Report Over $6,000 in Personal Property Stolen at Electric Zoo

At least two festival goers claimed to have been assaulted as well
Electric Zoo 2014: How to Make it as a Festival in NYC

As smoothly as the 2016 edition of Electric Zoo seems to have gone, any festival of that size is sure to experience some kind of problems. Pickpockets and muggers apparently ran rampant this year, as the police reported that over $6,000 in cash and personal property had been taken from numerous attendees over the three days of the event.

According to the police, at least 11 attendees had fallen victim to pickpockets and two others had been assaulted. One of the latter two was a 25-year-old woman who was thrown to the ground and robbed ob $180 in cash and her cell phone while leaving the event after Friday evening. The other was a 19-year-old woman who reported being struck on the arm after discovering that a mugger - who ended up stealing $1,170 in belongings - was rifling through a purse she left on the ground nearby.

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Following the event, Electric Zoo's organizers had announced that this year's edition sold out, drawing 83,000 attendees over the three days of the festival. This had been crucial to the annual event taking place in 2017, as the deaths of two attendees in 2013 and the cancellation of one entire day due to weather in 2014 had jeopardized its bottom line.

Additional news as well as video and audio recordings from Electric Zoo 2016 are sure to surface in the days to follow.

Source: DNAInfo

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