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Nothing says good morning quite like some full-throttle, forward-throbbing techno. For all those who love greeting the day with some fresh four-four rhythms, we are very proud to deliver to you our premiere of Mila Dietrich's "Wait & See" on Civil Disobedience Records.

This track grooves along with a touch of the dark techno vibe, yet intertwined throughout is an overt sexual tension that fleshes out the precise production. This is techno that doesn't just get people moving, it gets you feeling some kind of way as you go with Mila's flow. 

With "Wait & See," prepare for hotness, prepare for some of the darkness, but more than that, prepare for Mila Dietrich as a name to keep your eye on. The rest of her Nouvel EP comes out tomorrow, September 23rd, and she continues her European tour with a gig at Loophole in Berlin on the 30th.

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