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Let's take this low and slow! Back when Tom and Jonathan of GLXY meshed up at the University of Leicester, we bet they didn't expect to be dubbed UKF's "Ones To Watch: 2016" - but squat in the bushes and watch 'em we have! Luckily for them, so have our pals behind the next tree over (kidding) - the Spearhead Records crew - who have taken them onboard for an EP after their killer remix work on Submotion Orchestra and one of London Elektricity's new jams, "Artificial Skin."

Grafting away as GLXY, the duo nailed it on Soulvent, represented on MTA's Winter Compilation, and have now dribbled their special brand of liquid excellence all over their forthcoming Expressions & Impressions EP. Now, you know our drum and bass taste here at Magnetic Magazine tends to run a little on the violent side, which is why it's important that when we branch out into the liquid - we branch out good! Four beautifully produced tracks on this album, all with no ill intentions to speak of, and one of which is today's glorious premiere, "Remember To Forget."

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Smoother, richer and goes down better than a block of Cadbury my friends! The recurring lyrics are a nice touch too, lads - you do "deserve to smile" and we won't be forgetting this one in a hurry. Neither should you lot! Get in now and pre-order the hell out of it.

Expressions & Impressions EP out on September 16th.
Then, catch them at Hospitality in the Park on the 24th of September!

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