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Official Video Premiere: "Sweat" - Shakecraft & Kamereon [Nothing Else Matters]

Kamereon & Shakecraft's official video for "Sweat" on Danny Howard's label, Nothing Else Matters is the sexiest thing you'll see all day
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Shakecraft & Kamereon Sweat Artwork

Danny Howard's new label, Nothing Else Matters, has gotten off to a smashing start with the release of "Sweat" by ominous London-based DJs Shakecraft & Kamereon, earlier this summer. The delectable track itself creates that sultry dance floor vibe that seems to beg the hedonist in you to come out and play, and when paired with a seductive female vocal its dark house beat evokes a sexual and dark tone which makes it a hot track for late-night vibes.

Premiering today is the official music video for, "Sweat" and it is just as sexy as the track itself. Bringing out that dark, hedonist club imagery showing us the more sultry and ominous side the deep dark house track. The video reflects that sexual tension and heat at a club when the night is really getting hot and heavy.

Check it out here:

Kamereon & Shakecraft took a moment to answer a few of Magnetic Magazine's questions about their track:

Where do you get your inspiration for such a dark, sultry house track?

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It was dark in the studio and we wanted to capture a sexy and intimate moment similar to when you’re dancing in a club and you see someone completely engulfed in a record. It’s that moment where you’re fully exposed and you don’t give a fuck about anything else but your own pleasure.

What environment are you trying to create for your audience?

A bit of tension - that buzz of knowing something special is happening and keeping that feeling going as long as possible.

How does this video reflect the style and personality of your track, "Sweat”?

It’s a real part of our journey. We filmed it at The Egg in London, one of the best clubs that’s still going strong to this day. It’s a little serious, intense, with a lot of sexual undertones and self-absorption.

How well do you think, "Sweat" has been received since its release?

So far we’ve had such great support across the board, from commercial heads to real underground players, we want our music to find its own place and create an inspiring mood in a club environment. We hope to have done just that with Sweat.

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