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Bad Company - DJ Fresh, dBridge, Jason Maldini and Michael Wojcicki (Vegas) - you know who they are. You may remember them from such classics as "The Nine," "Planet Dust" and "Mo’ Fire" or you may just remember that when UKF announced their reunion in February it caused an almighty uproar amongst the punters. Legends in their field, news of their reunion and new track, Equilibrium, well and truly set the people's pants on fire. 

Which brings us to their next firecracker. We had to wait until Mistajam gave the skinny first, but Magnetic are now free to blab it 'round the houses, too. 

That's right: Bad Company are exclusively and officially signed to RAM Records. 

Less discreet than your Aunty Norma, us! To honor this momentous amalgamation of talent, Bad Company are unleashing their remix of The Prodigy's "The Day Is My Enemy" and dropping it in your laps come the 30th of September. 

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Originally a Fabric set/festival track, Andy C got wind of it doing the rounds and suggested they release officially on RAM. From there, there's been bit of cloak and dagger before the news managed to tear through officially today.

What could be lurking around the next subwoofer now that Bad Company have infiltrated the RAM camp? Only the A-man and his four new pals know - but if this remix is anything to go by, it's bound to be downright dastardly.

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