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Watch: "Say It" by Flume ft. Tove Lo's Music Video Looks Like Ang Lee Directed It

...Just for clarification, there is no evidence that Ang Lee was involved in this video
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We can't say that this is what we pictured in our minds every time we heard Flume's "Say It" ft. Tove Lo, but it's the only thing we'll be able to from now on. The official music video for the song has arrived, and it could double as a scene from 1999 action/sci-fi blockbuster The Matrix.

The video depicts two humanoid figures engaging in what could be a dance or some form of low-gravity combat atop a mirrored grid. The way that they move suggests that they're stunt performers suspended by cables, and a substantial amount of the visuals is the product of CG renderings.

The official music video for "Say It" by Flume featuring Tove Lo is definitely worth a watch - or maybe three. Cue it up in the YouTube player above and tell us what you think down in the comments section below.

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