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Shaun Frank has met his fair share of career milestones over the past couple festival seasons. The summer of last year saw him collaborate with Oliver Heldens, and recently he's even had a hand in The Chainsmokers' recent mega hit, "Closer" - with shining gems like "Heaven" and "La La Land" in between.

Shaun Frank. Photo credit: Joshua Shultz.

Shaun Frank. Photo credit: Joshua Shultz.

Frank gave Magnetic Magazine the opportunity to get inside the head of star on the rise, providing insight as to where he derives his inspirations as a DJ, producer and songwriter. In the process, he touched on how he came to collaborate with The Chainsmokers in the first place, in addition to a handful of other topics.

How's The Getaway Tour going so far? Give us the highlight reel, what have been some defining moments?

Shaun Frank: It's been amazing! Kicking the tour off at Red Rocks was so epic, it's a venue I've been wanting to play since I was like 10 years old. It was with The Chainsmokers, so that was great, got to celebrate the success of "Closer" as I think it went double platinum that day. Also, my hometown show in Toronto was sold out and crazy. It was so good to feel support like that from the hometown crowd!

We'll be honest, Shaun - you were always decent, but sometime around last summer your productions just shot into the stratosphere. It seemed to follow your Oliver Heldens collaboration; do you personally feel like that career landmark kickstarted a lot of creativity for you?

Shaun Frank: That song was definitely a defining moment for me. I really found my sound when making that one, and Oliver is a great producer, so the two of us together working on a record was just awesome.  

"Let You Get Away" is quite a departure from what you were releasing with Delaney Jane earlier this year and last. What inspired you to go the chill trap route?

Shaun Frank: I don't necessarily think it's that different from the path I've been on. All my songs kinda' start from the vocals, and then whatever production works best for the song and for the vocals is what I go with. I think "La La Land," which was my track before this, was in a similar lane to this one. I just like the freedom of making whatever I want.

We understand you co-wrote The Chainsmokers' big new smash hit, "Closer." How was it working with them?

Shaun Frank: It was awesome working with those dudes. I was on the bus with them for the Friendzone Tour and one afternoon we decided to write some vocals for a beat Drew had made the night before with Freddy from Louis The Child. It happened very naturally, and we even recorded those vocals on the bus the night after we wrote it. I can't believe what's happening with that song night now - truly life changing!

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It's also no secret that those two guys are the life of the party. Did you find any time to let loose and blow off steam with them?

Shaun Frank: I don't think there's a night when I'm with those guys where we don't get into it a bit. Their whole crew is a lot of fun. 

You used to tour and release music with Delaney quite frequently. What caused your paths to part?

Shaun Frank: We still do, I'm actually with her right now in Orange County, she's gonna perform with me, and we're heading to Asia this week to do a whole Asia Tour together. She has a few amazing solo records that's she's working on, as well as a couple other really dope collaborations coming up.

We saw in your recent interview with Your EDM that you'd like to work with RÜFÜS DU SOL, and that's not something we would have expected from you. What other kinds of music do you get down to that you think none of your fans might expect?

Shaun Frank: I think RÜFÜS is my favorite artist of the year, their music is just so fucking good. I think I listen to their EP every day. I'm a huge Dusky fan, I love their single, and Radiohead will always be my favorite band of all time. 

Thinking about putting out a studio-length album anytime soon, or do you plead the Calvin Harris on that?

Shaun Frank: Hard to say! I do have a bunch of material that wouldn't be considered "singles" and I'd love for that stuff to be heard, so maybe an EP or album might make sense at some point.

Aside from that, do you have any upcoming releases that you haven't told anybody about?

Shaun Frank: I probably have like 10 new songs in the works, as well as my own remix for "Closer" that should be coming out in the next month or so. 2017 is gonna be so dope, I can't wait to get all this new music out!

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