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Should I Be Embarrassed of How Much I Like Slushii's New Single, "To Say Goodbye?"

You need to hear "To Say Goodbye" right now - mainly because I need a second opinion on this

I'm not gonna lie, when I first saw that the title of Slushii's new song was "To Say Goodbye," the first thing I said was, "Please tell me this title means Slushii is calling it quits." Well, I felt pretty stupid after I clicked on it, because if I had to be totally honest I really dig this track.

It's not even that "To Say Goodbye" is any sort of departure from his usual style. The single features the saccharine synth work sensibility characteristic of Slushii releases like "Some More" and "So Long," but conceptually speaking it's a cut above what the rest of those tracks delivered.

slushii performance at hard summer 2016

Slushii's first-ever live performance at HARD Summer 2016.

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It's not that I don't want to believe that any producer can grow and improve - it's just that I don't know what my house hipster friends will think when I tell them that I've had a song by yet another anonymous anthropomorphic junk food item artist project on repeat in my head for the entire morning. I guess I'm just gonna have to come to terms with the fact that Slushii's new track is hella lit, fam... Oh no. What am I turning into?

Fair Magnetic Magazine readers, I need you to stop whatever you're doing and cue up "To Say Goodbye" so I can weigh my assessment of this track against your refined electronic music palate and figure out how I'm supposed to feel about it. Make sure to let me know down there in the comments section, because quite honestly this is starting to affect my productivity.

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