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Sign of the Times: Amoeba Music May Be Getting Bulldozed

The Amoeba Music building might get bulldozed to make space for a skyscraper
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If a new CG rendering that's making its rounds is any indicator, another mile marker in the digitization of music may be rearing its ugly head. The building housing Los Angeles record store Amoeba Music might get demolished to make space for a mixed-use skyscraper.

Amoeba Music was opened in 2001 on Sunset Boulevard, and quickly became a fixture of the L.A. music scene. Even as sales of physical copies of music have dwindled in recent years it was one of the last holdouts, catering to enthusiasts of every shade of the musical spectrum.

What's In My Bag? with Recondite at Amoeba Music

According to property records unearthed by LAist, however, the record store era may truly be drawing to a close. On October 28th, 2015, a company named 6400 Sunset purchased the building for $34 million, and an organization called GPI Companies is looking to level the property and build the structure in the rendering below where Amoeba Music is now.

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Interestingly, there are conflicting accounts as to whether Amoeba Music's ownership is onboard with GPI Companies' plans. The record store's owners, Rick Sanchez and Jim Henderson, commented that they did not have any information on the proposed developments - but an email from City Councilman Mitch O'Farrell's Communications Director, Tony Arranaga, reads:

Amoeba Records voluntarily decided to sell the property.

The developer has come to our office with ideas, but nothing has been filed with the city.

The Councilmember has expressed to the new owner the importance of world-class design for any possible redevelopment on this site.

In addition to selling records, the current building which holds Amoeba Records is an entertainment hub and popular cultural destination.

The Councilmember is disheartened about the sale, and would love for Amoeba to stay. Should Amoeba move from its current location, the Councilmember is committed to working with the store to identify another location that would allow them to remain in Hollywood.

At this point, it appears as though the future of Amoeba Music is up in the air. Magnetic Magazine will provide additional details as they become available.

UPDATE: Amoeba Music has issued a statement reassuring its supporters that they intend to remain at their current location for the duration of their several-year lease, and potentially longer:


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