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Tchami Teases Upcoming Malaa "Collaboration" Titled "Prophecy"

...But wait, isn't Tchami PART OF Malaa?
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UPDATE: Prophecy is out now:

Fans of the Confession imprint's unique style of house can look forward to an enigmatic new release that poses an interesting question. The label head, Tchami, has teased what appears to be a collaboration between himself and anonymous G house artist project Malaa - but up until now, the electronic music community was largely under the impression that Malaa already consisted of Tchami and DJ Snake.

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Tchami had previously fired off a tweet announcing that he and Malaa had a song out together, and has followed it up with another of the following album artwork:

It's the listing of the song that raises eyebrows more than anything. Is Tchami not a constant participant in the Malaa project after all, or does the credit simply reflect that the track will lean more towards his garage-influenced style of bass house than typical Malaa influences? Then again, are Tchami and Malaa just creating a disruption to keep fans speculating?

Whatever the answer, whoever's behind the mask seems content to keep fans in the dark. "Prophecy" has not been given a release date, but ought to arrive by way of Confession sooner rather than later.

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