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As the proliferation of music streaming services continues to turn the "big four" record label paradigm on its head, they're sure to seek out any opportunity they can to gain back a little ground. Most recently, for instance, Universal, Warner Bros. and Sony are among the plaintiffs in a copyright lawsuit case against the operators of stream ripper website

SoundCloud Discontinues Groups Feature Amid User Backlash

The lawsuit, which was filed today, September 26th, states that "Stream ripping has become a major threat to the music industry, functioning as an unlawful substitute for the purchase of recorded music and the purchase of subscriptions to authorized streaming services." It goes on to say that the owner of, a German citizen named Philip Matesanz, is himself responsible for roughly 40% of all unlawful streaming worldwide. allowed its users to copy the sound files played from YouTube players into MP3 files and illegally download them to their hard drive. Among the charges faced by Matesanz are contributory copyright infringement, vicarious copyright infringement and inducement of copyright infringement.

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You can read the complaint in its entirety here.

Source: Resident Advisor

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