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Two New deadmau5 IDs Surface After Live Stream

Both tracks are likely to wind up on the tracklist for deadmau5' upcoming album


It's not out of character for deadmau5 to push back an album release for the sake of building suspense, but that doesn't make the wait any easier. Fortunately, two more unreleased IDs have surfaced from his latest Twitch live stream, and just like the one from a couple weeks ago they're poignant enough to hold us over in the meantime.

A YouTube account with the user name Naikooou uploaded the first ID, which is arguably the most uplifting deadmau5 cut we've heard all year. Clocking in at over eight minutes, the arrangement favors crisp synth melodies over bass-heavy sound effects.

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The second ID, which is an updated version of a WIP posted to his SoundCloud earlier in the year with the title "Cat Thruster," sounds quite a bit more like what you look forward to when you see deadmau5 live. What melodic portions are there resolve dissonantly, and growling sawtooths give it an undeniable electro house appeal.

As of this writing, deadmau5 still has yet to announce a title, release date or track list for his upcoming album - but considering the rate at which he's allowing new music to trickle out from his Twitch live streams, it's safe to expect that it will come out sooner than later.

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