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This Video of Paris Hilton Playing Eric Prydz' "Opus" Will Ruin Electronic Music for You

We never thought we'd see the day Paris Hilton needed to piggyback on Eric Prydz' career
EDM Struggles: Paris Hilton To 'DJ' In Washington DC On May 9th

I'm not suggesting that any DJ ought to be prohibited from playing any track they want - but I'd argue that Paris Hilton is still, after four years, not really a DJ. She has no right to take a song like "Opus" by Eric Prydz, that encapsulates the best of what the recent EDM boom has had to offer, and fuse it together with images of her face in the minds of electronic music fans.

During a recent "DJ set" at Amnesia Ibiza - which also featured such vapid main stage tripe as Showtek’s “Canonball” and Nari & Milani’s “Atom,” as Dancing Astronaut pointed out - Hilton dropped "Opus." The crowd looks remarkably unenthused for the duration of the track, which makes you wonder if they had been appropriately disgusted by the sacrilege taking place before their very eyes.

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