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Wantickets Fired its Former Execs and Now it's Taking Them to Court for Bringing their Biggest Client With Them

Former Wantickets execs Barak Schurr and Diego Carlin are being accused of client poaching by the company's new executives
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It's no secret that the music industry is a cutthroat line of business, but opportunistic decisions can certainly still backfire as Wantickets may end up learning the hard way. The online ticketing platform's new ownership recently fired its founder and former President, Barak Schurr, and its former CEO, Diego Carlin - and now the company is taking the two of them to court for after their biggest client left along with them.

EDM Industry Spotlight: 7 Questions With Barak Schurr, Founder & President Of Wantickets

Wantickets Founder and Former President Barak Schurr.

Schurr had founded Wantickets in 2000 and grew it into a website that specialized in ticketing for EDM and nightlife events before selling it to the Chehebar family in 2014. In April, the family tasked him with brokering the sale of Wantickets to Eventbrite, another ticketing platform, but pulled out in July before the sale was made final - and subsequently appointed Joe Schnair the new Wantickets CEO before selling to a Loton, Corp subsidiary called LiveXLive.

EDM Industry Focus: 7 Questions with Barak Schurr - Founder & President of Wantickets

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Schnair turned around and fired both Schurr and Carlin without severance. The two of them went to work for Eventbrite shortly thereafter, and court filings show that an unnamed nightclub which accounts for 8% of Wantickets' revenue is gearing up to take its business over to their new ticketing service.

Former Wantickets CEO Diego Carlin

Former Wantickets CEO Diego Carlin.

Wantickets CFO Richard Blakely is also accusing Schurr and Carlin of trying to poach the accounts of Electric Zoo, BPM Festival and XO Festival, presenting email exchanges between the two men and numerous Wantickets and Eventbrite staff as evidence. Schurr maintains that he had only done as Wantickets' owners instructed him, and that the client only opted to take their business elsewhere after the acquisition fell through.

As the case unfolds, a judge will be faced with the decision of whether or not Schurr and Carlin will legally be allowed to pursue employment with Eventbrite. 

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