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Watch: This Year's Man Burn and Temple Burn on Video

In 2016, Burning Man's most famous rituals have been recorded


As Burning Man continues to reach new heights - both literally and figuratively - it only makes sense that the mainstream masses would take notice. Each year, the transformational festival closes out with ceremonies known as the man burn and the temple burn, and this year you can watch video of both after the fact.

Burning Man's organizers themselves had set up a continuous live stream of numerous vantage points throughout the festival, but these two videos of the closing ceremonies arrive by way of USA Today. The theme of this year's man build was "Da Vinci's Workshop," as his "Vitruvian Man" drawing had inspired its design.

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A wealth of additional video and audio is sure to emerge from the 2016 edition of Burning Man in the days to follow - particularly recordings of live sets from some of the festival's most celebrated acts. If you were in attendance, comment below and tell us about your favorite moments from the transformational festival.

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