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Watch: Sadiq Khan Discusses the Fabric Dilemma

The London mayor went on the record about his efforts to #SaveFabric
London Mayor Sadiq Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Photo credit: David Rose/The Telegraph.

The future of Fabric has hung in the balance this past month, and perhaps no one has heard the public outcry as loudly as London Mayor Sadiq Khan. After the deaths of two 18-year-old attendees of the London nightclub prompted its indefinite closure, some of dance music's most prominent figures reached out to him on social media - and he's just participated in a video shoot to address some of their concerns.

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The first topic brought up to Mayor Khan in the interview conducted by Time Out London was the matter of his own influence on the decision of whether or not Fabric's license should be revoked. "Certain people have been given the impression that it's me pulling the levers with Fabric, and it isn't," he explained. "It's a local authority issue." 

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However, he largely spoke in favor of nightlife establishments, touching on the issues facing nightclubs - specifically that the thin profit margins of such enterprises have resulted in 40-50% of London's live music venues disappearing in the past eight years. "One of my jobs as the mayor is to create an environment where the clubs and live music venues we've got flourish and thrive," he said.

Whether or not London Mayor Sadiq Khan is able to exert the influence necessary to keep Fabric open, it's refreshing to see a lawmaker appreciate the cultural significance of contemporary live music all the same. After watching his interview in the player above, sign the petition to #SaveFabric by clicking here.

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