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Weekly Top 10 Drum and Bass Chart - Mob Tactics Tag Team Special - Sep 28th, 2016

Luke and Mark from Mob Tactics team up with Magnetic to aim the drum and bass cannon directly at your earholes!
The Mob Tactics massive.

The Mob Tactics massive.

We are joined today by the eloquent duo known as Mob Tactics - who have lent their expertise in the realms of all things tune by going 50/50 with me on the picks this week. Cheers guys!

The duo, who are signed exclusively to dynamo label Viper Recordings, are also appearing as part of the label's upcoming celebration. Viper:100 celebrates their 100th stonking release and will be held at one of the few notorious nightclub's left in London: Fire in Vauxhall. Matrix & Futurebound, Culture Shock, InsideInfo and Cyantfic will also be on hand to help ring in the triple figures, and I promise you, it's definitely worth checking out for something a little more punchy than your usual DnB night.

The overexcited word from last chart...

Mob Tactics | 1."Tentacles" - Noisia [Vision Recordings]

"Not much to say about this track other than it really is utterly disgusting... Don't think it's failed to get a rewind yet! Just pure grimeyness."

Magnetic | 2. "War Dem (Trei Remix)" - Beat Assassins ft. Miss Style

Two little snakes tell me that Trei has some fire incoming in the format of collab tune "Pulling Teeth" with Insomniax. They wanted to include it in their chart but we didn't think it was fair to tease without the goods (bad Mob Tactics!), so just you keep an eye out...

Mob Tactics | 3. "Body Check" - Mob Tactics [Viper Recordings]

"The lead track from our brand new four-track EP on Viper. Really happy with this one, feels like one of our best to date. Been getting great support too which is always nice! Available now *plug, plug*"

Magnetic | 4. "Vice Versa (Thomas B Remix)" - Ghast [Free Love Digi]

I've never seen a strand dubbed "intelligent DnB" before so I was bloody intrigued to see what that was all about! Don't know about you but I feel smarter and more informed... As well as gurning for a skank. Pick of the week for me!

Mob Tactics | 5. "Next Hype (Crissy Criss, Malux & Erb N Dub Remix) - TC feat Jakes 

"This track has been doing the rounds for a few months now and BOY does it do the damage! Immaculate production with the vibes aimed squarely at the dancefloor. Monster track..."

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Magnetic | 6. "Get Da Funk" - Document One [Technique Recordings]

A touch funkier (unsurprisingly, perhaps) and more full bodied than its brother, "Chasing Stars" - but very close competition!

Mob Tactics | 7. "Fatso" - Metrik [Hospital Records]

"First heard Matrix & Futurebound play this at Let It Roll this year and it blew me away. One of the best hooks I've heard in a long time and the production is just first class - as always. Not gonna be leaving our sets for some time."

Magnetic | 8. "Inception (Gydra Remix) - Optiv & BTK [Dutty Audio]

REWORKS is the project taking BTK's tracks and remixing them into nittier little parcels of naughty - this being our favored example!

Mob Tactics | 9. "Dot Matrix" - Mob Tactics [Viper Recordings]

"Another one from our new EP! This one's a little different from what people might expect from us, but we're really happy with it and it was so much fun to write. Quirky vibes are the order of the day."

Magnetic | 10. "Waiting For" - SpectraSoul [Ish Chat]

Last but I'll be damned if they're least! SpectraSoul continually top of their game as all-around absolute heroes. Their Stock Sound EP is out at the end of the month, and if you're not hooked by a third of the way into this track - then there is no hope for you. Sorry.

Listen to the whole hot tamale here:

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