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Weekly Top 10 Drum and Bass Chart - September 2nd, 2016

Anile and Frankee and Lynx - oh my! Take a trip down the yellow brick road of drum and bass badness this week


The SW4 RAM tent in all her glory...

I have had a drum and bass rocket put right up me. Nobody panic, it's not dangerous - but it is exciting. 

Before your filthy little mind runs astray on me, let me pause you there and bring it back to my point... Basically, I've finally been to a good festival and now I'm all hyped up on post-RAM tent syndrome and too many Calippos. 

In brief - Noisia are the future of drum and bass. You will never see anything like their new live show, the combo of Mind Vortex, Adam F and Jaguar Skillz is a three headed god dubbed "Dirty Horses," Netsky surprised me (in a good way - thank you for dropping Modestep - thank you, thank you) and Flux Pavilion had a live band and made me want to throw my knickers at the stage like they did in the '80s. Did they do that in the '80s? 

I was keen to lose my pants anyway. SW4 on Saturday was drum and bass done really, really well and I cannot wait for Hospitality In The Park to see it done on the next level - all encompassing, no escape, stage and stages of it...

Bibble babble from last time...

"Allergens" - Anile [Med School Music]

Hayfever meds at the ready - "Allergens" incoming!!

"Gloom Body" - Memtrix [Sotto Voce]

Doesn't sound so gloomy to me - hell, I'll even go as far as to cite it down right uplifting. Under 20 and already linked up with proper reason to be gloomy for Memtrix!

"Back To The Old School" - Disphonia and Kryptomedic [Red Light Records]

There's nothing we like more around here than a good heart attack litmus test, and I do believe this track fulfills that brief. 

"Talk To Me (Lynx Remix)" - Peppermint Heaven

Described by his own PR guff as 'one of Hospital Recordsmost left field signings' makes us rate Lynx all the more - he has never been more the 'Bee's Knee's' than right here... 

I'm going to say I'm sorry about that pun... but I'm not actually. 

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"Love and Peace" - Frankee [RAM Records]

Clap Yo' Hands for 'Love and Peace' everyone - 

"Glow" - Nickbee [Invisible]

Straight from the Sounds of War EP - the quote accompanying this single is as follows, '"As you may know, I live in Ukraine and its pretty "Glow" here since the war started." Nice one to Nickbee for utilizing the right vehicle to communicate his feels.

"Avenger" - L Plus [Technique Recordings]

Mad one! What I wouldn't give to hear this live.

"Ember" - Dawn Wall [Liquicity]

Bringing the ice pack to cool us all down after that last number is the unidentified producer known as Dawn Wall...

"Higher (The Prototypes Remix) - Netsky & Jauz [Ultra]

The Prototypes getting hold of Netsky and Jauz' future house-dusted collar here and shaking it like a snow globe - into something more fun.

"Catch Me Here" - Drumsound & Bassline Smith ft. Conor Maynard [New State Music]

Not sure how to take this team up. Part of me feels the horror reserved for walking in on your mum and dad - and part of me is glad that this is opening drum and bass up to the younger generation. I've hidden it down here anyway.

Here is allllll of it (except the last one because I'm ashamed and the Anile one because it's exclusive)...

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