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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - September 16th, 2016

Apashe's Trump rendition, the best tune from the new What So Not EP, plus new BIG MAKK, Croix, Bro Safari, YULTRON, and much more.

In case you missed it, Apashe just called Donald Trump a "fuck boy" in his new NSFW video. Now, he didn't say it directly, but it was about as direct as indirect can be. 

The video is for his new track by the same name, in which an oranged politician objectifies women while supporters wear "Make America Great Again" hats while his wife makes a one-line speech in a thick accent. But the toupee-on-the-head is when the character says "I will do whatever you want me to do." I guess you gotta just call 'em like you see 'em...

Apashe's new tune makes the list this week along with one of the many brilliant numbers from What So Not's new EP, beauts from Justin Hartinger and STEL LEO, and a posthumous release from BIG MAKK. Like Apashe says, let's "Make America Dance Again". 

"Montreal" - What So Not

So many great tracks on this EP, it was nearly impossible to pick one. Almost every one surprised me in some way. "Adieu" was my first choice with it's last-hoorah vibe, and "Trust" is silky smooth, but in the end, "Montreal" surprised me the most. You're never quite sure where this one is going and yet, it's able to land a good lick on you. 

"DIVINER (STEL★LEO Remix)" - Høunds

If the original is the "Demogorgan" trapped in the Upside Down (and it really is), then this remix is when it shows it's face. The portal opens about a minute in, and, well... STEL★LEO has a monster on his hands. 


Breezy blend of future and trap from YULTRON. A classic summer saver with an edge. 

"Running Out" - Croix

*In old '50s movie male character voice* It was the film noir that struck me about one minute and fifty-two seconds into the track. I stopped raging, looked up from the destruction that had befallen my desk area, and realized I still had nine other tracks to write about. Why the film noir, I asked myself. Then I replied, "who cares" and continued raging.

"Reality" ft. Sarah Hudson - Bro Safari

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He said he wanted to interject "the peaks and valleys" and he definitely hits the mark. Plenty of pop power on this one with Sarah Hudson, but it's the bass aftershock that leaves the lasting effect. 

"Closer" (ARMNHMR Remix) ft. Halsey - The Chainsmokers

With over half a million plays, I'm probably not turning you on to this one. Nevertheless, it deserves a spot here. The Cali duo brings a whole lotta tuff into the mix, and turns the cheese into a major tune. 

"god dammit" - Justin Hartinger

Justin Hartinger isn't exactly holding back his feelings lately... Or his (supposed) ex's, for that matter. The bizarre and possibly exploitive voicemail track "My Ex Stacy" definitely turned my head, and now we have this one. Here's the thing—all these tracks are good, and this dreamy cruiser might be the best. Keep 'em coming. 

"Fuck Boy" ft. Kandle - Apashe

Apashe's lead single off his upcoming album, Copter Boy, is campy as they come and all the better for it. Like pulling into a drive-in with a '57 Chevy, hair greased back and girl leaning on your letter jacket.  That, or as the video says, like Donald Trump.

"Occult" - Ian Munro

Despite the title of the EP, Stay Lit, it would be hard to characterize this as mainstream. Dropped on UZ's label Quality Goods, it's black and white avant-garde greatness. Another standout on the EP is "All Over You."

"Top Beat" - BIG MAKK

From BIG MAKK's Management:  

"[Sept. 3rd] was the day Sam (aka BIG MAKK) was going to release this LP titled THE MAKK TAPE. For those that didn't know Sam, he had 3 loves in his life; His Family/Friends, His Music, & His Shoes (mainly Vans). We also know there is nothing more he would have wanted than for everyone to listen and share this music as was planned. We miss you Sam and we couldn't think of a better way to honor your beautiful soul than to have your music live on forever. You can listen for free on Soundcloud & Spotify as well as purchase on iTunes. All proceeds of this music will go to benefit BIG MAKK"s family. #BIGMAKKFOREVER"

Full Playlist:

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