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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - September 2nd, 2016

This week's trap playlist brings in Stranger Things, new Quix, Jayceeoh, San Holo, Madeaux and more
Stranger Things - Eleven

There's a lot of trap out there, and every week I try and sift through the typical and find the unusual—the good stuff you have to dig for, hidden in the dark alcoves of SoundCloud. Ok, so I will venture into the mainstream because, well, this is a weekend chart and everyone needs some good party tunes. But in general, I like to keep it weird. Atypical. Strange, you might say. 

This weekend's new trap playlist may not be the most recognizable, but remember, that doesn't make it any less powerful. Plus, it comes with this stellar mashup video of the Stranger Things theme and Calvin Harris and NGHTMRE's "Need You". 

"Pokies" - QUIX

Not quite as interesting as some of his previous releases like "Laundry" and "Like That," but it still gets the job done and in good manner. Still tribal in nature but slowed way down this time. 

"Ready" - WiDE AWAKE

WiDE AWAKE has been diving into a lot of melodies lately and their new one is no exception. They've dabbled in festival trap, hip-hop and even drum and bass as recently as this week. While there's not an obvious drum and bass influence here, "Ready" incorporates some elements from the rest.

"Ready (UNKWN Remix)" - WiDE AWAKE

And then there was UNKWN's remix to the WiDE AWAKE tune. A lot more tough on the remix, the melody really didn't stand a chance once UNKWN got his hands on it. I'll take this over the original, but both are different enough to make an impact. 

"Swishers" - TYNVN and Croix

This track goes all over the place and lands squarely where I hoped it would. All 10 Cloverfield Lane-like. It kind of hunkers down before making a break for the unknown. 

"Higher (Jayceeoh Remix)" - Keiynan

The interesting thing about this one is that the original is actually quite trapped out for being an R&B tune - so when I saw Jayceeoh put a trap twist on it, I wasn't so sure it would impress. Fortunately, there's more than enough here to separate itself from the original and everything else. 

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"Arrival" - HUXTER

For a dude with one other song to his name on SoundCloud and no working Facebook profile, this is pretty amazing. Actually, no. This is just pretty amazing, in and of itself. Let's just leave it at that. 

"Bout That" - Ian Munro

Well, I can't sit here and tell you that the name of the track is clever, or not making me cringe, but one of the more prominent sounds that Ian Munro designed for this track will eat right through you. Half nails on chalkboard, half poor amplifier connection. Sound good? Well, it actually is. 

"Uncover (Afterfab Remix)" - Zara Larsson

Trap Tune of the Week. Young Swiss artist Afterfab might not be a name you recognize, but this remix is an thing of absolute beauty. The most impressive part is that the original is nowhere near being trap, yet this could be the most fluid, feely trap tune I've heard all summer. 

"RAW" - San Holo

More of a hip-hop beat than a trap tune, but too rare to pass up. Not much sounds like this. One of those amazing party-by-night, nostalgia-by-day numbers. 

"Persia" - Azide and NextRO

Released alongside "Copycat" featuring Lox Chatterbox, I just can't stop hitting play on this. The vocal work has me hooked.

"Pull Up" - Madeaux and Manman Savage

I seem to be hearing the Stranger Things theme everywhere these days. It's probably just because I'm obsessed with the show, but there seems to be a little new retro in this one too. It's dark trap illuminated only by the soft glow of faded neon lights flickering on and off down a grimy alley. (This is track Eleven by the way. See what I did there?)

Full playlist:

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