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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - September 30th, 2016

New Jawns-dropping Skrillex remix, 1000volts, Baauer, Felmax, AMF and more top off a wild new trap playlist.
1000volts (Redman & Jayceeoh)

Redman & Jayceeoh melting 'cause of all of the volts?

This is honestly one of the wildest playlists I've put together in some time, so either get excited or get prepared. We have some one-liners, big names, hip-hops, ice cream sprinkles, more one-liners, and some good old-fashioned Halloween darkness to usher in the autumn. 

...And despite my sincere hatred of the word, I'm even gonna go ahead and follow in the footsteps of Redman and Jayceeoh and say the tracks this week are "lit"... There, I finally said it. 

"VIP's (Gent & Jawns Remix)" - Skrillex and MUST DIE!

Recently on the Party Favor EP and coming off a brilliant Diplo remix amongst some originals, Gent & Jawns have found a way to give even more life to a track that had seemingly had enough. It's hard to impress me with a remix to a track like "VIP's", but this is on point.

"How Can You Tell When It's Done?" - Baauer and C.Z. (LuckyMe Records)

Baauer takes a few steps toward the dark side on this one. Hat tip to Khal at Complex for pulling up CZ's stunning EP from 2013. Seriously, take the time to listen to that. Meanwhile, Baauer has a new radio show via Beats 1 and is out on tour.

"Bitch I'm Lit" - 1000volts aka Redman & Jayceeoh

You know I only include the most lit tracks. It's what I'm about. But seriously, of all the "supergroups," 1000volts may be the one. I mean, they already have a few other tunes to their credit, and this track is so good I might have to change my whole tune on 'lit' (not really though).

"Like Us" - WyzE (Ouroboros)

This guy has been releasing music like crazy over the past couple months, so if you like what you hear, check out his SoundCloud page. That said, "Like Us" is his best with its well-placed chipmunk sample and deep bass. Released on Ouroboros - who have been killing it with tunes lately

"Dough" - Felmax (Lowly Palace)

Drops don't come much tuffer than this. Add to that an instantly quotable one-liner, and you have yourself classic - Homer Simpson possibly making an appearance as well. 

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"Veins" - Nuwanda (Swang Collective)

Dubstep, hardstyle, trap... Nuwanda just throws it all in, and surprisingly, it all sticks. The unsurprising part is Nuwanda appearing on this chart. It wasn't long ago that he put down what still stands as one of the best contest remixes of all time

"What You Do" - King Peanuts (I AM SO HIGH .Recs)

You're gonna love this or hate this. Either way it's unlikely you've heard anything like it. It's as if King Peanuts got lost in a thick haze of euphoria - melodies, bars and time itself has no place here. 

"Main Bitch (ft. BeazyTymes)" - Shofo

This is the ice cream jingle of the trap game. Helluva beat by BeazyTymes who keeps mixing up all sorts of tasty treats. UZ, Holly and Masayoshi Iimori are just a few of his recent collabs and no two tracks sound the same.

"Lose It (Naderi Remix)" ft. Vic Mensa - Flume

Leave it up to Naderi to put some weight on a track. The brilliance of the original can't really be matched, but Naderi does the second best thing in turning it into an absolute beast. 

"Kings and Castles" - AMF (Drop the Bassline)

Beautifully haunting intro should have no problem giving you goosebumps. Aside from that, I didn't know the typical trap samples were capable of being put together so stunningly. Rather than trying to hybrid the hell out of it, the Seattle duo lacquers on the polish and creates a stunner.

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