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"WTF?" is Right - deadmau5, Tommy Lee, DJ Aero and Steve Duda Perform Together in Atlanta

You'd think the only thing deadmau5 and Tommy Lee would have in common is tattoos, but...
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tommylee and deadmaus at grammy awards

Photo Credit: The Grammys.

You might not expect a producer's producer like deadmau5 to clique up with an aging hair metal icon like Tommy Lee, but the two seem to get along swimmingly. Their friendship is apparently not confined to the occasional Coffee Run or pyrotechnical exploration, either, as they performed together alongside Steve Duda and DJ Aero as WTF? in Atlanta last weekend.

Listen to deadmau5 and Eric Prydz' Live Set from Tomorrowland

This isn't even WTF?'s debut performance; the four artists first joined forces behind the decks sometime around 2008 according to Dancing Astronaut. While at first the unlikely union might come across as a disingenuous publicity stunt - especially considering that the 'mau5 has aired his grievances with electronic music artists who agree to such collaborations - it appears to be a more or less spontaneous creative tangent.

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...And thank god, because as good as deadmau5' music is, it's hard to tune out that sample of a guy saying "what the fuck" that they apparently have to play on loop for practically the duration of the set. To see what we mean, check out the videos that have been surfacing from WTF?'s performance last weekend below:

They have performed other times in the past at Hard and also at the Great Northern, SF in 2017. Their song "Chicken" is likely the most famous of their collabs.

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