A Full Blown Four Color Laser For Your House: Meet LaserDock

Have you ever wanted to kick up your house party a couple notches? LaserDock has got you covered!

About two months ago I received a prototype in the post from Wicked Lasers; it was kind of a strange looking black box with a couple of odd cables sticking out of it. Not all that exciting looking, but hey it was a laser prototype so I wasn't going to be too harsh on the aesthetics. After fiddling around with it for about an hour, I realized that I had lost one of the little parts and it was not going to work without it. Huge bummer, I had a laser at my house, and it wouldn't work! 

Luckily I found the fuse in the back of my car and had the LaserDock hooked up to my laptop and spewing rainbow laser light all over my wall, err window shade, in no time. 

The neighbors must have been seriously wondering what the hell was going on; it looked a bit like a mini rave exploded on the second floor of my townhouse. 


About two weeks later I was sent a second laser; this was the final version of the LaserDock and this iteration was a little less rough around the edges. The unit had a more streamlined cable set-up and came in a nice hard shell case like a personal laser should. It looked like a serious piece of gear now, not some sad prototype. 

To add to the party, the Wicked Laser guys also sent a fog machine to help power up the effect of the laser for the review. So I once again took to converting my living room into a full-blown rave again, this time complete with a DJ set and fog machine. Hell yes, too bad I was alone with a six pack but it was still awesome, I'm not going to lie.

You can see the full explosion in the video below, it was broadcast live on FB and was very well received. 

So let's get to the hard question, do you need a laser in your house? I think you do! Once you set this thing off in your living room or basement or wherever, there is no going back to something like a lava lamp or a simple strobe light. Once those lasers start dancing on your wall in all their four-color glory, you will be completely hooked. 

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With a simple software control you can switch up the pattern variations with ease and set the lasers to the rhythm of the music so they move with the beat of your music. The LaserDock retails for $399.

You can check the out the LaserDock on the Wickedlaser website Here

Correction: Please note that the LaserDock is not "four color", its a "RGB" projector with analogue modulation, meaning its capable of millions of colors, if you try the test patterns (circle test), you'll see the colors blending. 

From The Wicked Laser website:

LaserDock's fanless design and hermetically sealed casing makes it the world's smallest full color laser projector. Just connect a Mac or PC (Android coming soon), run the LaserDock app, and expand your mind. The built-in visualizers patterns are ultra-low latency, synchronising perfectly to the beat of your music in real-time. There's also MIDI and spectrum analyser modes designed for musicians to visualise their live performances. Don't just listen to your music, see it.

LaserDock is also compatible with other popular laser software includingMaxwell, LaserShowGen, Spaghetti, OpenLase, and more. Bring the party home every night with LaserDock.

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