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Tim Eliot, the Berlin drum and bass producer Current Value, has been dabbling on the dark side since '92-ish. A purveyor of the 'skullstep' scene (well dubbed, In Reach - well dubbed), he now sits at the forefront of the neuro/tech outpost alongside a motley crew of culprits such as Mefjus, Phace and NOISIΛ. A swarm of releases on Blackout, RAM, Bad Taste Recordings and Terminal have infested our eardrums over the past decade but the Biocellulose EP on Critical Music was his last major offering... Until now.

Itching for another infiltration, the drum and bass demon has announced his latest EP, Rethink, which consists of nine tracks of his trademark tech-paced synth funk - complete with remixes from the likes of Billain and Signs. Percussive and explorative, Magnetic are on hand today to help officially deliver the EP's first release, "Plunger Coil" to the universe. 

Strangely enough the intro theme was the last production stage. I had in mind doing a somewhat grindy, bass line driven tune, so I started with that sort of bass line. Everything else was built around it to support it. I always visualize the musical ideas with my "inner eye." One of these visuals was a moving coil in headphone drivers or speakers which led to the actual name of the track." - Current Value

Considering this track is about audio equipment, it's definitely not one for the faint hearted. "Plunger Coil" takes your timid illusions of drum and bass (ha), rams them in a Kitchen Aid, chops them up and makes a nasty quiche out of them. Or something tougher than your stock standard quiche (am literally Googling dangerous pastries) - a baklava... or a bundt... cake. ANYWAY! It's badass and laden with sci-fi overtones, and that's pretty much all you need to know.

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Curiously, the subterranean Rethink EP embalms a masterpiece of not only the audio, but also the visual kind. If you scroll to the top of the page, you'll see one of a two-piece series of EP art which accompanies the release. Neks, the owner of Othercide Records, describe's it as "...a masterpiece from Kuldar Leement A.K.A. the eyes of Othercide. The main theme of this artwork is based on the exploration of our deep universe through his art and our music".

...And here you can see Enis Čišić's artwork in all its uncropped majesty.

...And here you can see Enis Čišić's artwork in all its uncropped majesty.

So yeah, shit just got deep in the Current Value camp. Take a walk on the Othercide, lap it up, and treat both your eyes and ears to the spectacle that is Rethink.

Out October 31st.

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If you dig the track, why not vote for Current Value as 'Best Producer' in this year's DrumandBassArena Awards?

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