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Daft Punk Rumored to be Billed for Glastonbury Festival 2017

First Lollapalooza, now Glastonbury.
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Daft Punk

In case all the back-and-forth speculation as to whether or not Daft Punk are touring in 2017 hasn't totally cheapened their mystique for you, a new rumor has emerged which would suggest that they are indeed. After Redditors identified a series of online clues suggesting that the French duo would perform at the 2017 edition of Lollapalooza, insiders (including us) were quick to crush their hopes - but others have since come forward with assertions that they will be billed for the 2017 edition of Glastonbury Festival.

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The "well-sourced information" arrives by way of UK media outlet eFestivals, who have also speculated that Radiohead might play the English music festival in 2017. Although they didn't give up any details which might identify their sources, they went as far as to divulge that Daft Punk's time slot will top the bill for Friday, and that they've been privy to the information for "several months."

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At this point, you have to wonder if Daft Punk's marketing team would actually go to the trouble of planting unfounded rumors on both sides of the pond just to keep their name in music fans' mouths. Being that, historically speaking, people in any industry aren't all that great at keeping such big secrets, it's starting to look more and more like the duo will tour in 2017.

Source: Mixmag

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