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deadmau5 Goes to War with Another Alleged Trespasser Via Social Media

Do you think the latest person to trespass on deadmau5' property simply made an honest mistake?

It seems like deadmau5 can't go a week without somebody infringing on him in one way or another, and this isn't even the first time in recent memory that somebody's entered his property in an unwarranted manner. The progressive house icon has announced that he's calling the police on a woman who claims to have simply passed by his his property.

A tweet that has since been deleted contains a photo of the property that the woman had taken. In response, deadmau5 tweeted the following:

Clearly intimidated, the woman answered with the following string of apologetic tweets:

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Being that somebody who didn't do anything wrong would have no problem proving it to the authorities in a situation like this, the woman practically implicated herself by protesting as much as she did. deadmau5 could very well have just made an empty threat to prove a point, however, so until evidence emerges that he actually pressed charges it's likely that the incident will simply fade into the noise.

Source: Your EDM

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