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Not too often do the worlds of DJ culture and horror flicks collide, but that just happened - and just in time for Halloween. In the new film The Red Man from Executive Producer John Acquaviva and Writer/Director Jimmie Gonzales, a DJ is at the center of a sinister plot that keeps you guessing at every turn. 

Looking for a great Halloween party pregame? Fire up The Red Man and hold on tight, because it's going to be one hell of a night!

Official Release: October 25th 

Pre Order Here - Available on iTunes

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The Plot

A celebrity DJ and recovering drug addict, Evan Gough has had enough — he is done with the fame, fortune and transparent friends. Increasingly recurring nightmares from his tragic past stir skepticism and suspicion about his life and neighbors at his trendy apartment tower.

Especially unsure about his psychiatrist’s prescribed medication regimen, Evan turns within and embarks on a soul-searching journey through psycho-self-analysis and his own intuition.

Suspecting that his psychiatrist, along with his new apartment neighbor, are possibly involved in a secret society conspiracy and are drugging and killing his fellow celebrity tenants, Evan teams up with Dr. Verde’s intern to find the truth.

To learn more about The Red Man, visit the film's official website.

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