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Enjoy A Haunting Halloween with Guy Gerber this Weekend

Celebrate Halloween in style - Gerber is visiting New York, Chicago, Miami, and LA

Guy Gerber has left a serious mark on the party island with the second successful year of his Rumors parties. This past season he took over Destino's in Ibiza and it was 'rumored' to be nothing short of incredible. His performance at Movement in Detroit months was something out of a seance as it radiated warm vibes over everyone at the Thump stage. 

This weekend, Guy Gerber is doing a short Halloween Tour to send some eerie chills down our spines with his eclectic blends of electronic synths and instrumentation with techno beats. Nothing says Halloween, then hearing the man turn a techno party into a haunting performance that may just follow you home after it is over. 


Catch Guy Gerber this weekend: 

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Friday, October 28th - Flash Factory, New York, NY

Saturday, October 29th - Space, Miami, FL

Sunday, October 30th - Freaky Deaky, Chicago, IL

Monday, October 31st - Sound, Los Angeles, CA 

Check out his other tour dates here!

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