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Enter Stashimi, a Formidable Contender in the Battle of Social Music Apps

At launch, Stashimi already has compelling figures working in its favor.
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With the inevitable demise of SoundCloud drawing near, there appears to be a mad dash for app developers to come up with a platform that fills the void left by the streaming service. Some, however, have identified a need for an app that serves the dual role of social media and music - and among them, Stashimi appears to be leading the charge.

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Using proprietary technology that aggregates content from social media avenues like Facebook and Instagram as well as media outlets like Billboard, Your EDM and even Magnetic Magazine ourselves, Stashimi creates a feed of information tailored to its users' interests accompanied by Pandora-style music stations. In addition, the app is making moves to intertwine itself with the cultures surrounding music; coinciding with its launch is a documentary on L.A. punk band Trash Talk's experience of the Japanese music scene. A preview of the documentary can be seen below:

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More importantly, however, what may truly cement Stashimi's competitive advantage more than any other factor is the music industry muscle behind it. The company's chairman, Thomas Hesse, is the former president of Global Digital Music at Sony Music Entertainment and the co-founder of Vevo. Stashimi's CEO, Jürgen Kurz, formerly held the same position at consumer software company Nero as well as serving as SVP of product development at publishing icon Quark. In total, Stashimi has received $3.6 million in funding, and at launch it already recognizes over 50,000 artists and pulls data from over 150,000 sources.

Be that as it may, the mobile app market has proven elusive and fickle, even with major influencers at play. The success of Stashimi remains to be seen - but at this point, it's safe to say that it has something of a leg up on the competition.

To download Stashimi for free, click here.

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