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Eric Prydz Announces that EPIC 5.0 is On the Way

The fifth installment of Eric Prydz’ monumental stage show concept will presumably debut in 2017
eric prydz

eric prydz

Few (if any) electronic music artists’ live shows measure up to the grandeur of Eric Prydz’ annual EPIC stage show concept series. The Swedish progressive house maestro’s fans can officially start looking forward to its return, as he’s revealed in an interview that EPIC 5.0 is in the works.

During the 61st edition of Insomniac Events’ Night Owl Radio, Prydz divulged that the EPIC 5.0 will return, boasting, “We’re currently working like crazy on EPIC 5.0. I can’t give you that much information away, but we are taking it super [seriously] now; whenever this show comes out it’s going to blow your head off.” He did not mention any dates or other details of of the tour, but it will almost certainly take place sometime in 2017.

However, Prydz did share a handful of fun facts throughout the interview - like that his first musical influences were the early electronic bands Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode, and that “EPIC” actually stands for “Eric Prydz In Concert.” If you share our unhealthy infatuation with all things Prydz, then you owe it to yourself to listen to it all the way through.

Eric Prydz’ Night Owl Radio interview begins at 31:00 in the SoundCloud player below.

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