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Exclusive Interview: Autograf Talk Tour, Tunes and Upcoming Track

"We definitely take a passive approach to our music."
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Autograf might be electronic music's best-kept secret right now. The genre-bending trio that started out working on visual art together has expanded their repertoire to include DIY elements uncommon to most musical acts, and have arrived at a striking, poignant signature sound in the process.

Louis Kha from Autograf made time during the trio's tour alongside Goldroom to speak with Magnetic Magazine about their creative musings. To find out if they'll be visiting a city near you sometime in the near future, click here.

I gather you just got done with Feels Fest! How do they receive you over there?

Louis Kha: Cali people love Autograf man- and the feeling is mutual! Love playing on the west coast.

I've gotta tell you guys - on a personal level, "Don't Worry" is one of the best tracks I've heard lately. Walk me through your creative process with that one.

Louis Kha: "Don't Worry" came about during a fairly stressful time in our lives- and while flipping through a sample pack looking for some new sounds to explore found that little vocal clip and it resonated with us so we used it! The rest of the song just unfolded around that vibe and feeling of letting go of worry.

As long as I've known about you, you guys have always been your own thing, but it feels like you sort of stepped outside of that quasi-trop house sound that you started out with and started making really unique, poignant productions. Was that shift somewhat deliberate on your end, or do you take a more passive approach to your music?

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Louis Kha: I'd say we definitely take a passive approach to our music - we want to create unique art just like everyone else - but on that same note we also get inspired by other artists around us. Ultimately I'd say our music could probably be tied to genres by our peers' influences, but other than that we literally just put out music that we love with no strings or agendas attached.

Your career really blossomed at a time when electronic music fans were beginning to seek out more sophisticated styles. Do you ever find yourselves feeling lucky that your sound caught people's attention while they were going through that shift?

Louis Kha: I'd say we all feel extremely lucky regardless of how we got here. We're ecstatic that people want to come out and watch us have the time of our lives. All of my jobs before this were blue collar - I was a welder, machinist, painter, carpenter, brick-layer, you name it. It was a dream come true for all of us to be able to quit our day jobs and work as Autograf full time.

Let's talk about the tour you've just kicked off. I hear you're crafting your own instruments and stages by hand, which is incredibly ambitious! What inspired such an undertaking?

Louis Kha: We've always been a DIY group - we love creating. If we have the skills, we would much rather use them ourselves instead of hire someone else to do it. I think it lets us create a brand with more cohesion, because all of the actual artists themselves are making the brand, not hired help.

Tell me about how you first made Goldroom's acquaintance - and how you decided to tour alongside one another, for that matter.

We met on the road playing various festivals and boat parties and we all just clicked very well. An opportunity came up for both of us and we just said, "Hell yeah, lets do this!" No-brainer, really.

Can you give me any details about unreleased music you've got in the works?

Louis Kha: We have a song coming out next week called "Future Sauce" for streaming only. It's a quirky instrumental track that's accompanying our new art piece. Many other songs are finished that we have plans for but I can't speak about those yet.

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