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Exclusive Interview With Droog Ahead of L.A.'s Upcoming Block Party, Diversion

L.A. stalwarts Droog tell us a little about the highly anticipated event Diversion, which is happening this Sunday


In about 48 hours, the city of Los Angeles will play host to a daytime block party called Diversion that will feature a headlining slot from the one-and-only, very elusive Dixon - along with a handful of other well-respected DJs including L.A.'s very own Droog who have been behind the Culprit label and party series.

Tickets for Diversion available at Resident Advisor

Droog's members - Brett Griffin, Andrei Osyka, and Justin Sloe - each play a key part in the success of Culprit and in addition to playing the Diversion event, they're helping put it together as well along with Making Shapes, and the folks behind Prototype.

Magnetic Magazine got an opportunity to ask Osyka a few questions in anticipation for the event. Check out what they had to say below:



1. Tell me about Culprit. What prompted you to start a dance music label?

A desire for quick fame and fortune... That hasn't quite panned out, though. Seriously, at the time - 2008/2009 - we thought it was a cool way of being part of the global scene. We had hopes of contributing something of note to it by releasing good music from great artists that we like. Whether or not we've succeeded in that is for others to decide, but it's been a fun and interesting ride. Lots learned and all that.

2. Have you found it challenging to run a dance music label in an oversaturated digital market?

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Yes. The dance music-consuming public has increasingly lost the drive to pay for the music it consumes, which presents a challenge for a label, of course. The fact that there is a ton of competition out there in the form of other labels etc. isn't as much of a problem - cream rises to the top (usually), so if you release genuinely good music and do your best to let people know about it, you'll do okay. Just don't plan on supporting yourself into retirement off it. Maybe it's more of a hustle now, but hustle is good. 

3. Tell me about Diversion. I understand that you have a hand in the production of the event. Tell me how the idea for this event came about.

Nik Wilson, the brains and the soul behind Prototype parties is the mastermind - hats off to him. He had a crazy idea of putting on a proper block party in downtown L.A. and doing it with underground music. It's one of those "Eureka" ideas - why hasn't someone thought about it before? maybe they have, but to actually push through all the logistical hurdles is the main thing. L.A. clearly has an appetite for it. We're just happy to be onboard, to help promote it, and to play.

4. What do you think sets this event apart from any other in Los Angeles?

The fact that no one really has done it before. Not with this genre of music, not on this impressive scale and with this level of taste. Cityfox last year, sort of, broke the mold on large-scale events like this, but to actually have a party right in the middle of a downtown street is a new thing - and it's exciting!

5. In a recent interview, you expressed that part of the problem with the dance music scene in Los Angeles is its ridiculous bar cutoff at 2:00 AM. Is Diversion an overt "f*** you" to this obstacle?

I think the idea behind Diversion was more positive than a protest against the liquor law restrictions. Those are a big thorn in everyone's side, but the idea is just to have an all-day party, whatever the cutoff. We do have a dream, though, that some day, the people of this city will be allowed to drink on their own recognizance past 2:00 AM!

Diversion takes place this coming Sunday from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM just outside of Lot 613 at 614 Mateo Street. Tickets are still available over at Resident Advisor.

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