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Now, you can approach this premiere one of two ways. The first: Imagine you are a cat and you hear the mechanical whir of an electric can opener, and a tasty delight is on your horizon. The second: You are still a cat, and a furry mouse covered in catnip has just been thrown right at your face, but you take it in stride and you are ready to party.

Okay, now you have hopefully made your choice. The next step is to fully embrace our premiere of Eekkoo's remix of progressive house and techno maestro Jeremy Olander's "Hanover," which originally came out through Suara

I won't mince words - you need to sink your teeth into this cool, calm and collected killer of a track. It is focused and smoothly glides along like a camera up close and personal following a Jaguar's paws on moonlit jungle stroll.

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So, kitty cats, how is this tune grooving through you? Are your shoulders shaking and your tails wagging? Eekkoo and Jeremy Olander are a dream team as far as reworking collaborators, so thank god Eekkoo took the time.

I've always been a great fan of Jeremy's fusion of progressive house and techno. His Hanover EP on Suara is a really nice showcase of his skills. Remixing "Hanover" was an interesting challenge. I was digging that pitch-modulated arpeggio and felt like this was the main element here for me to play with. So, from there, it became obvious to opt for straight-up industrial techno. I added some keys, synths and a huge, gritty and cavernous kick drum. Super happy with the end result. Jeremy totally got the vibe and sent it to Suara. - Eekkoo

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