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Global Dance's Hallowfreaknween Website Gets Hacked by Moroccan Islamic Union

Moroccan ISIS sympathizers apparently think that hacking a rave's website is the best way to get the U.S. Federal Government's attention
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Hallowfreaknween Global Dance Artwork 2016

In a particularly strange turn of events, the website for Global Dance-hosted Colorado Halloween gathering Hallowfreaknween appears to have been hacked by the Moroccan Islamic Union. The group has publicly denounced U.S. military operations against the Islamic State of Isis and Syria (Isis) back in August and had taken credit for hacking the Massachusetts Maritime Academy's website on October 8th.

For whatever reason, they've now apparently shifted their focus to Colorado event promoters. Last night, October 20th, a visit to the Hallowfreaknween website yielded the following message:

Moroccan Islamic Union Hallowfreaknween Global Dance
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This morning the website had been changed back, but as of this writing the information input by the hackers still shows up on Google searches. The pages for Global Dance events Decadence NYE and Skylab had been targeted as well, but were fixed relatively quickly compared to that of Hallowfreaknween.

This year's edition of Hallowfreaknween features performances by Seven Lions, Morgan Page, Ilan Bluestone and The Fat Rat, and Global Dance promises to announce more headliners in the days to follow. No other electronic music brands that we know of have been targeted by the Moroccan Islamic Union as of this writing.

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