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Grooveo Is About To Change The Game For DJ Live Streaming

A community for DJs and electronic music fans - and the artists GET PAID
Enjoy Grooveo streaming through the Ap or via 

Enjoy Grooveo streaming through the Ap or via 

When I first saw the press release, I was skeptical about Grooveo. It looked like yet another streaming platform for DJs, so needless to say I wasn't expecting much if I'm completely honest. 

Grooveo is, in fact, pretty amazing, and what I think is a potentially game-changing platform. Like any startup tech company or platform it has its rough spots, but for the most part, all the nuts and bolts of a great live streaming platform are here. 

For starters, it's pretty straightforward to use and doesn't require a lot of gear to get a nice stream going. I got a simple Behringer soundcard on Amazon for about $30 and a Logitech webcam, and off I went. The first couple streams were a little bit lumpy, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. 

The audio stream sounded fantastic right out of the mixer and allowed me to stream my set with vinyl and CDJs; you can also mix off out of Traktor and Serato as well for you strictly digital guys. 

Grooveo works with a freeware interface OBS that you can download here. you can also set up multiple webcams using OBS that stream right through your Grooveo profile. 

This dude is all about it. Look at that set-up!

This dude is all about it. Look at that set-up!

All the Grooveo Setup Tips Here

So after some beers and a shot of whiskey I was off to the races streaming my set to people that are passionate about DJs and electronic music. Don't get frustrated; there is a small learning curve in getting it all going but if I can do it you certainly can.

Here is why Grooveo is a game changer for the dance music industry: Not only does it allow you to stream your DJ sets, but fans can tip you with Beatcoins (the Grooveo currency that equates to real cash). What's even cooler is that the artists get paid as well via a direct rip as well as ASCAP royalties. 

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The platform debuted at EDMbiz in Las Vegas on June 15, 2016, drumming up a decent amount of excitement and building buzz ever since. 

Bjorn Niclas, co-founder of Grooveo and veteran DJ, talent booker, promoter, and manager, says, “Every DJ, regardless of how famous or successful, wants the same three things: more fans, more shows, and more money.” But in today’s world, where talented DJs often go undiscovered, that dream has become increasingly difficult to realize - until now.

Grooveo Profile

Grooveo Profile

Your Grooveo profile (check out Magnetic's here) can be customized with your logo, bio, and links so that as you build your fan base you can keep it updated. The profile also lets you directly chat with fans while you are in the mix, which is a really cool functionality. As your fans make it rain with Beatcoins, you can thank them in real time. 

I used this functionality to help ensure that the sound was streaming correctly and for some technical support (thanks, Bjorn!). Tech support aside, it's a good way to communicate with people and let them know what track you are playing, etc. 

In addition, the DJ can then use the platform metrics to demonstrate a real fan base to club owners, promoters, and bookers.

The service is free, and now is a great time to jump on and start developing your profile while the waters are still pretty empty because Grooveo is going to jammed faster than a Torchy's Tacos sooner rather than later. 

Magnetic's first mix, Fully Reclined, is up on our profile now, be gentle, as I was still learning and drinking whiskey. 

Check us out tonight as Magnetic goes live with DJs Ben A and Vedic from Moody Recordings' studio at 6:00 PM MST. 

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