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Interview: Kobi Danan of Sound Nightclub Talks About Circoloco's Debut in L.A. this Halloween Weekend

Kobi Danan of Sound is bringing Circoloco to LA this Halloween Weekend and it is going to be loco

Circoloco, the iconic brand from DC10 in Ibiza, is making its L.A. debut this Halloween weekend on Friday, October 28th. Hosted by Sound Nightclub and Rhonda International, the lineup all but guarantees attendees an unforgettable night. The all-star roster consists up of Goddollars, Eli & Fur, Eagles & Butterflies, Konstantin, Jennifer Cardini, Tania Vulcano with headliners, Black Coffee, Davide Squillace, Damian Lazarus and the Martinez Brothers.

Circoloco LA.jpg

Sound founder and owner Kobi Danan himself is an important part of the L.A. electronic music scene. He began working in event promotion as early as fifteen years old in Israel. Working with a team promoting concerts in Jerusalem, his booking Deep Dish in 1998 would prove instrumental to the duo's rise to fame.

Hosting an Iranian act was a very risky booking for a Jerusalem promoter at the time, but it paid off. "The newspaper headlines were 'Music has No Borders' in Israel's national news," Danan has said.

Danan eventually made it to the States and began running the Music Box Theatre in L.A. (now the Fonda Theatre) from 2010-2012. Then, with the help of his two other partners, in 2012 Sound Nightclub opened its doors to the electronic music world.

The dream for Sound was for the club to be the source of niche electronic music. The first two years saw the booking of more big-name EDM DJ/producers, but he eventually bought out his two partners in 2014, which allowed him to revamp the club's interior and curate the future bookings to reflect the wide variety of underground talent in various electronic music genres.


Magnetic Magazine had a chance to have a short conversation with Danan about what it means to be hosting the debut of such a recognizable brand in the music industry.

What was it like for you after you bought out your partners and then rebranded sound to house more underground talent rather than mainstream EDM artists?

Kobi Danan: When working with partners, you have to make compromises. In that case, my partners were more concerned about the club's style and not the taste of music. Now, I am able to curate Sound Nightclub to book more eclectic artists. Underground is far more than just techno; it can be bass too. 12th Planet is not mainstream. However, he is not techno either.

Maxxi Soundsystem @ Sound Nightclub

The Maxxi Soundsystem at Sound Nightclub.

Do you feel you accomplished something important in the L.A. music scene?

Kobi Danan: I do, but it had always been the initial plan for Sound Nightclub to be an underground electronic music venue. It was never supposed to be a big room house or EDM club. There was a point when we realized that it was costing the club more to book these big names and having to raise tickets to about $100 each. We did not want to do that, and we never intended the club for that.

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I am sure many prominent promoters were eager to acquire such a legendary brand such as Circoloco. Are you at liberty to say how you managed to secure such an important booking?

Kobi Danan: Of course! Circoloco is a true brand. They did not need me to lure them or make some significant offer to bring them to our this market. They looked for the right promoter, with the right taste in music and the right aesthetic, to carry their brand in L.A.. We kind of found each other, and it was an organic process. The response thus far has been better than any show that I have had in a couple of years. It is unbelievable! I truly did not expect so many people to be excited over them coming to LA. This show is not going to be the end of that; Circoloco will have future dates in L.A.. We are currently working together on some very cool shit for the L.A. market.

Whose idea was it to bring Circoloco to L.A.?

Kobi Danan: We connected through the same brand managers. Circoloco had said they were having a Halloween party in NYC and I suggested to include L.A. that weekend because we already have most of their lineup here.

The Martinez Brothers @ Circoloco, DC10, Ibiza - Photo Credit: Essential Ibiza

The Martinez Brothers at Circoloco, DC10, Ibiza. Photo Credit: Essential Ibiza

What is it like bringing such an iconic Ibiza party to debut in L.A.?

Kobi Danan: It is a true honor to work with these guys. They have managed to do the one thing that every booker and promoter dreams to do: Over the last seventeen years, Circoloco has built a legendary party that has broken the supply and demand for most of the music business. As the artist, you no longer get to decide if you play at a Circoloco party. They call you, and when they do, you go. It no longer is about the money and what they offer you to play, it is about being a part of one the best events in Ibiza.

Will Sound Nightclub be hosting or are you working with a different venue?

Kobi Danan: We are having the party at Union Nightclub. Union is an old club that has been around a while. The club has a unique license for an L.A. nightclub in that most venues close up at either 2:00 AM or 4:00 AM, but Union's license allows them to stay open all night long. That's an important factor when you have a large lineup; you want to be able to go as long as possible. Sound closes at 4:00 AM and has a smaller capacity than Union.


Rhonda INTL., is hosting Circoloco alongside Sound?

Kobi Danan: We have teamed up with the best promoters in L.A.. Rhonda INTL. are co-promoters with us and they have the sexiest crowd in the whole city of Los Angeles. It is going to be a great night.

Circoloco L.A. sounds like it is going to be a surefire club night for anyone who attends. Grab your tickets here and RSVP on the Facebook event page as Circoloco's Los Angeles debut will make for the most memorable start to any Halloween weekend on the West Coast.

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