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Interview: Rob Toma Of TCE Presents Announces Circoloco's Return To NYC And Launch Teksupport

DC10's Circoloco make their big NYC comeback this Halloween weekend
Courtesy of Time Warp Official

Courtesy of Time Warp Official

The announcements made for the Winter event season in NYC in the last two months have had jaws droppings for some of us. The iconic Ibiza brand, Circoloco from DC10 are making a comeback this Saturday in Brooklyn with a whole lotta promise of being emersed so deeply that you'd think you were at DC10. On that same flow, Teksupport, a new NY event producer has already announced to stellar line-ups for November and December within a brand new venue specifically designed for their shows. 

The man behind all this is Rob Toma, founder of TCE Presents and Teksupport. Toma has been in the music industry for over fifteen years going as far back as running university and student parties. He originally worked with hip hop artists until the EDM started to explode and he then migrated over to electronic music events. The spiral eventually lands him amongst us Technoheads. Toma worked a lot of events in Miami during the Winter Music Conference (WMC) which is where in 2010, Teksupport, was originally birthed. He worked with artists such as Marco Carola, Davide Squillace, Dubfire, Seth Troxler and more. 

Eventually, he upgraded his sunshine from Florida state to Ibiza, Spain every summer. For over five years he lived in Ibiza for the entire summer season working with nightclubs and event production. Returning to his original home, Brooklyn, Toma has been representing many brands in NYC. He created TCE Presents in 2013 and has brought Time Warp to the US. 


Magnetic Magazine got a special opportunity to sit down with the very busy man and talk about Circoloco in NY and the plans he has for his new brand.

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How long has TCE been a contributing member of the NYC music community?

TCE Presents was created at the end of 2013, going into 2014 when we had finally decided that Time Warp will be coming to the US. This was the company that had partnered with the German power force called, Cosmopop, which are the creators and producers of Time Warp from its inception. We then brought Time Warp back in 2015 and now we're hosting and producing Circoloco this weekend. 

What was it like having TCE be the one to bring a prominent name, such as Time Warp to the states?

I went to my first Time Warp seven years ago in Mannheim. My good friend, Butch, who is a DJ and a very talented producer had invited me down to Frankfurt, took me to Time Warp and since then I haven't missed a year.  

Steffen Charles deserves a lot of credit, at this point, he is my mentor. He is the creator of Time Warp and since it has been existing for nearly twenty-four years now, he has brought on two more partners, Robin Ebinger and Frank Eichhhorn to form a team that has truly carried the brand forward. That is the team I had worked with and they have really paved the road for me wanting to bring Time Warp to NYC. For the last four years, I have been around and doing my own thing which had gained confidence with the guys in letting me showcase their brand in 2014. 

Time Warp

Time Warp

How have you guys handled push back from the Brooklyn communities, since the Brooklyn armory venue didn't pan out for Time Warp last year?

Yeah, for sure. I was born and raised in Brooklyn and there are ways you go about things. I work with an incredible team and we were completely transparent in all our event producing with the local communities and the city agencies that handle the scope of all the bureaucracy. TCE Presents has a good rapport with the city and we have been the only company to produce any electronic events within city-owned properties on an indoor level. Here in NYC, it is very competitive and there are other groups with great visions who have thrown events, however, they may not have run completely legally in one way or another. 

Last year, there was a big event in NY that got shut down because they were trying to run a large scale event on a partially legal level and the shit hit the fan. That was leading into November 1st and sure enough, here I am, nineteen days away from Time Warp. It doesn't matter who I work with and what we do, at that point, it raises red flags for everyone in the industry and adds more steps to my process. The situation basically opened up a can of worms. Time Warp last year had to be relocated from the armory in Brooklyn to the location from the prior year's, not because we did anything wrong, but because some people in the local community had hit the panic button. 

Time Warp 2015

Time Warp 2015

You have announced that Circoloco is being hosted in a brand new "secret venue", is there anything you can tell me about it?

It is not built up, like the Brooklyn Mirage. It is a brand new venue, still raw and on a pretty big property. Once again, we will be the first [and only] people to produce events at this location. At this point, we only want to work on properties where it is just us so we avoid anyone else ruining it for us. It is running 100% licensed and permitted. Leading up to the Saturday, we will release the location. 

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Circoloco must have attracted the attention of many NYC event producers, how did TCE Presents ending up scoring the event?

Antonio Carbonaro, who is the brand owner and creator of Circoloco, he and I became very close over the years with traveling and seeing each other. More importantly in Ibiza, I was at DC10 religiously while I lived there. This was an ongoing conversation for almost three to four years. 

Circoloco NYC.jpg

What is it like bringing such an iconic Ibiza party back to NYC after almost five years?

This will be different than the last time, though. Those were more of club pop-ups with one or two artists with the logo slapped on. This event will be a full on experience. There will be a lot of different elements, like art installations that will attempt to recreate the feeling you'd experience if you had gone to Circoloco at DC10 with the synergy of being in a warehouse. 

Now you have mentioned that you are sort of relaunching an old event brand, Teksupport. What will make Teksupport stand out against all the other NYC promoters?

We will have a venue that we call home. It will be completely licensed and permitted and we have many great projects in the pipelines. Once they come to fruition it will separate us from the rest.


Your first two Teksupport shows are receiving some serious attention! How did you go about curating such talent heavy shows?  

Well, for the November show I wanted it to be curated in a way where you have several different sounds that all give together. Luciano in a warehouse will for sure be something special alongside Kölsch and Kenny Glasgow with a special guest that will be announced on November 1st. Luciano is a friend and I felt that he should headline the Teksupport launch.

December is Diynamic's 10 Year anniversary and I’m very happy Solomun and the team were comfortable having Teksupport produce the show. Everything from location to production will be spot on. We have some very unique elements being incorporated to make this 10 Year event special ... Stay tuned.

Your December show, the Diynamic 10 Years w/ Solomun had sold 500 Early Bird tickets in under 10 minutes. Did you guys expect such a result upon ticket releases? 

We knew we would sell all the Early Bird tickets on day one but didn’t expect in 10 minutes. This show is very anticipated in the market and my team can’t wait to execute on all levels.


How are you handling some of the aggressive response on FB from various angry fans, complaining about the high ticket prices? Are you looking to resolve the issue/Is there an issue to resolve?

The last thing we want is for ticket buyers to be unhappy. Sometimes it’s unfortunate but things happen that are outside of our reach. Our team managed all emails requests and we’ve been dealing with each buyer case by case and making the best of the situation.

How will Teksupport contribute to the NYC/Brooklyn culture? What do you want Teksupport to represent in the music industry?

Being that I’ve spent the last 7 years traveling to all key locations around the globe that focus on the culture of electronic music - ranging from nightclubs to warehouses to world renowned festivals - I will strive to bring that feeling here on a monthly level. As you can see by the level of talent in the next 3 months the artists and bands themselves know that these events will be produced to the highest level for the same love we all share collectively for this genre. In addition, living in Ibiza seasonally from 2010-2015 I built some real relationships and unbreakable bonds in terms of local industry politics.

My vision for Teksupport (and its not gonna happen overnight) is to be an American grown brand that’s respected globally and that will eventually produce and host stages across the pond.

Don't miss out on these line-ups, grab your tickets here!

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