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Interview: Scott from Haze Technologies Breaks Down the Vape

Learn about the complexities of cannabis vaporizers in this interview with a Haze Technologies professional.
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As the legalization of cannabis has spurred a series of technological advancements in the marketplace of products that aid in its consumption, vaporizers themselves have become the preferred method for many a smoker. Even though some of our writestaff may not agree, the devices are popular for good reason - and Magnetic Magazine has been fortunate enough to have a professional in the field explain why that is.

Scott from HAZE Technologies (who asked that his last name be kept out of this article) set aside some time to delve into the dynamic in the world of cannabis vaporizers. Take a look at what he had to say below - and if you have any other questions, make sure to comment below in case we conduct a follow-up Q&A with Scott sometime in the future.

Why has there been such a big migration away from smoking cannabis to vaporizing it?

There are many factors that could push a user away from traditional smoking, but for me it is the control and health factors. A vaporizer allows you to regulate temperature and therefore to better regulate your session.

Firstly, a true vaporizer will not allow the user to combust. A vaporizer heats materials to a level where the active ingredients are released. Combustion is smoke and with smoke increases the level of toxins - including the cancer-causing carcinogens.

Secondly, different medicinal benefits can be achieved from the different active ingredients in dried materials being released at different vaporizing temperatures. For example, when the active ingredient, THC, is released at approximately 311F it can act as an anti-inflammatory while CBE, also an active ingredient in the same plant, is released at approximately 383F and can be used as an anti-depressant.

Lastly, vaporizers are typically more efficient, discreet and are comparatively less smelly than traditional smoking. Vaporizers provide a premium flavor and are typically more consistent in utilizing materials. With a vaporizer, materials are used evenly with little to no stirring necessary where with smoking, material is usually burned unevenly which results in a decreased taste and creates more waste.

Does vaping use more of the dry herb faster, or is combusting actually a quicker way to dilute your supply?

Actually, vaping is more efficient depending on your discipline and the device you use. There are all types of vaporizer devices on the market. Some allow for smaller load sizes while others are quite large. It is about selecting the right device for the right situation to maximize efficiency. You can also recycle your Already Been Vaped (ABV) dry material by processing and utilizing it in other applications like tinctures, edibles or even topical oils.

With so many vaporizers on the market how does a consumer make an intelligent choice? Are there specific things to look for when buying a vaporizer?

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Best advice is to do your research. I prefer to check out the popular user forums like and the Vaporents subreddit. These are places where everyday users discuss their vaporizers. The users on either forum can be very knowledgeable and are unbiased since they have no commercial interest in getting you to buy one unit over the other. It is great to know your budget, preferred material type, and whether you prefer a mod, portable or desktop vaporizer. This will narrow your search to a list of certified, quality vaporizers to investigate further. There are a lot of choices but in the end it comes down to preference and what is right for you. Essentially, all vaporizers have the same function but different types provide different features.

With Cannabis on the verge of becoming legal in California and several other states in the union, how do you see that impacting your business? Will there be a huge vaporizer shortage?

I think the vaporizer industry will continue to grow despite some of the recent changes to the legislation and regulations. As discussed, there are many benefits to vaporizing over smoking. One of the biggest challenges in my opinion is education for the consumers and vendors. Many people are still not aware of the numerous pros of vaping while the opposition paints an inaccurate picture of the vaporizer industry. I expect the vaporizing industry to grow side by side with cannabis legislation reform. I don’t expect a shortage of vaporizers, but there is some risk of industry consolidation resulting from the recent FDA legislation.

According to your crystal ball (if you had one) what does the next five years look like in the vaping industry? What kind of innovations are in the works?

I think the trend will continue to grow in the portable vaporizer market. Technology is improving and vaporizers are getting more powerful, smaller, faster and are reaching a level of desktop quality vapor. In the future I expect improved battery life. The current trend is moving to on-demand convection units. Convection is a style of heating material that generally yields tastier vapor and on-demand is exactly what it sounds like: vapor at the push of a button. This is somewhat a spinoff from the tank and mod vaporizer world, but also has to do with preferences shifting to more efficient units that preserve the taste of the medicine longer by only applying heat when the unit is being actively used.

It seems strange that anyone would want to spend so much money on a desktop vaporizer where there are so many amazing portable versions? What exactly is the advantage of getting a desktop vape?

At this point, desktop units still hold the advantage of power - and, in many cases, produce better quality vapor. They are better for group or party sessions, and you never have to worry about the battery dying or running out of butane for your torch-driven vape.

Tell us a little bit about Haze Vaporizers in particular and how you set your selves apart from the pack.

Haze Vaporizers is a vaporizer manufacturer, retailer and distributor located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

Founded in 2013, Haze Vaporizers took a year of research, testing and user feedback in developing our flagship product the Haze Dual V1 which was released on 4/20 of 2014. The Haze Dual was the first multi-chamber vaporizer to hit the market. It is compatible with all materials including concentrate, dried herb, and liquid, making it an extremely versatile vaporizer in a discreet, portable package.

We separate ourselves from the competition by focusing on groundbreaking products completely new to the vaporizer market. We also pride ourselves on happy customers, and are always listening for customer feedback on our services, products or new ways to improve. The Haze Dual is currently on its third variation and includes many improvement ideas that were sent to us from customers like you.

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