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Premiere: JPB - For You (ft. Luke Cusato)

Pop vocal stylings on a future bass and chill trap heater

JPB's take on chill trap and synth bass brings in a deep pop sensibility. He's been steadily prolific with his fine stream of releases, but with his latest For You EP on Heroic Recordings, the young auteur matures his sound into a refined collation of sensual vibes primed for primetime.

Magnetic Magazine is pleased to premiere the EP's title track "For You", where guest vocalist Luke Cusato's wistful harmonies prepare the listener for JPB's melodious synthline, making for an overwhelmingly powerful anthem together. It follows this summer's "Feels Right" which paired dreamy, uplifting production with the heavy flows of rapper Yung Fusion.

We spoke to JPB about the EP and his upcoming work:

There's strong pop sensibilities here: how much were you inspired by pop music when making this EP?

I was really obsessed with pop music during the making of this EP. Before that, my favorite songs were underground, experimental & indie songs, so pop music was such a new thing for me. And I love to discover & explore different genres.

Where and when'd you record most of this stuff?

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In my bedroom studio, mostly. But listening to the demos I created at home while going out with friends, traveling & doing every-day tasks kinda formed all these songs. So most ideas popped up while listening outside & then got implemented as soon as I was home.

How did these collaborations come together?

All the songs started as instrumentals! "For You" is actually an idea I started a year ago, but somehow got lost underneath all the other projects I was working on at that time. The vocalists basically received an instrumental by me with a basic idea in which direction the song should go & what topic it is about.

I really love their work, & discovered them on the Heroic roster. Each of them have a very unique voice & type of way they write their songs.

Ashdown sent me short clips on what he was working on so I could give him feedback while in the making which was really nice.

Luke Cusato drafted three unique versions & we ended up with the version that worked out the best for this song.

I was working with Ehiorobo even before the concept of the EP was created. We both ended up changing & tweaking this song for months until we were both happy with the end result. He's such a talented artist.

Your biggest track "Feels Right" features a rapping vocal guest, and this new one has a lot of other vocal styles-- is there any intention for you to do more of these collabs with hip-hop artists?

Featuring Yung Fusion was a must for me. I genuinely love his work & that's the only requirement that someone has to have in order to work with me. Like I said, I like to tap into different genres while maintaining my signature sounds. That's how I prevent getting bored with just one style. Yes, I'd definitely want to do another rap feature in the future.

What do you love besides music?

Music is honestly the only thing I genuinely love. There's nothing that can make me happier & appreciate life more as music!

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