Listen - Rave to the Grave Playlist from Lights Down Low

Don't miss the infamous Lights Down Low Rave to the Grave tonight in San Francisco!
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Tonight is the night! The dancefloor ghouls of Tensnake, Tiger & Woods, Barnt, and DJ Richard will set an eerie vibe at the Great Northern for Lights Down Low's Rave to the Grave! If you still don't have tickets, pick up a few here

To get you amped and prepped to say yes to another excess, the Lights Down Low gremlins Corey Sizemore and Richie Panic have put together a very spooky playlist just for you. 

Also, we are doing two rounds of giveaways! The final giveaway starts today and runs until Friday afternoon at 3 pm (PST). Just comment or tag a friend on Facebook in the comments section of the post, and we will select one lucky winner to award with 2 free tickets. 

Also, check out a brief interview with the devilish masterminds behind the annual Rave to the Grave too.

Rave to Grave is a Halloween institution by my standards in the SF scene. How are you topping last year with this edition?

This year we are moving into a brand new club in SF with a brand new sound system and state of the art lighting. Also we are going 100% on decor and bringing in more fog, lasers, blood, skulls, snakes, devils, and freaks then usual. Plus all the DJ's go bump in the night.


What can people expect from the party?

More of what Lights Down Low is known for, big sounds and high-minded weirdness. We set up a bit of culture clash this year to showcase 2 different sounds for 2 different kinds of nocturnal dwellers. You have more blissed out, vibrant disco side to things with Tensnake and Tiger & Woods. 2 acts who also always bring their most behind the decks and have had some history with LDL. Then you have the banging, jittery sound of the techno of tomorrow with Barnt and DJ Richard, 2 newer DJs to LDL who have absolutely smashed it this past year and we could not WAIT to get them back. Local bad man DJ CZ rounds things out, a cool cat and fire starter himself. There is something for all the creatures of the night.

What costumes will you gents be donning?

It's a surprise but you can expect lots of black lots of flexibility in the lower regions.

Costume suggestions for all those attending?

Dress to impress. Dress to make a mess. It's the time of the year for those who wander in darkness to celebrate. Feels good.

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