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Listen: deadmau5' Remix of NOISIΛ's "Collider" Out-Drum and Basses the Original

deadmau5' upcoming NOISIΛ rerub exhibits something of a role reversal


As far as we're concerned deadmau5 has earned the right to do whatever he wants (within reason), and in this case we're not just talking about his eccentric online presence. The genius producer has demonstrated his versatility in the studio by previewing a WIP for his remix of NOISIΛ's "Collider" that sounds a lot more drum and bass than the original.

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That's not to say that the source material wasn't without its own merit; the stripped-down analogue synth melodies and tightly syncopated drum patterns in "Collider" rendered it a genre bender for the ages. From what you can hear in the video from deadmau5' recent Twitch live stream, however, his rerub of the track exhibits the faster tempo and heavy bass lines characteristic of NOISIΛ's typical releases.

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Aside from the NOISIΛ remix, deadmau5 has also revealed that his upcoming album will arrive sometime next month. While you're waiting for another early track release from the effort, check out what he's got so far and tell us what you think in the comments.

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