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Listen: Empire of the Sun Release Infectious New Album, Two Vines

You can stream Empire of the Sun’s entire new album right here

It’s been three years since Empire of the Sun put out a studio-length album, but their latest effort is a true-to-form statement of their danceable signature style. The Australian synth pop duo has delivered 11 sparkling soundscapes in the form of Two Vines, and it’s a crowd pleaser to say the least.

Titles like “High And Low” and “Ride” exhibit the kids-who-wear-box-rim-glasses appeal that put Empire of the Sun on the map during the EDM explosion several years ago, as does the anthemic title track. The only real strike against Two Vines is that much of the songs on its track list sound fairly similar to one another - the closest thing to a departure is the melancholy “To Her Door,” which closes the album out.

If you are a fan of their earlier works then you are going to be quite satisfied with Two Vines as an overall album. It's got all that shimmery, sparkly, happy post apocalyptic groove with just the right dash of 80s pop sensibility. It's a hit!

Empire of the Sun has released Two Vines in its entirety on Spotify. Listen to it in the player above, and keep your fingers crossed that the duo doesn’t make us wait three years before putting out another album.

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