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Listen: Eric Prydz Releases Two New Tracks Under Cirez D Alias

Eric Prydz has dropped two huge tracks from his upcoming Cirez D effort
Eric Prydz Just Announced His Debut Album

Eric Prydz Just Announced His Debut Album

2016 has already been a monumental year for Eric Prydz between his long-awaited artist album and landmark performances, but he's still not content to rest on his laurels quite yet. A couple months ago the progressive house innovator revealed that he would be releasing another EP through his Cirez D alias, and he's just released two tracks from the effort.

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From the upcoming Mouseville 022, Prydz has revealed two tracks titled "BACKLASH" and "THE TOURNAMENT." While both songs exemplify his somewhat synthier approach to the techno genre, the former exhibits a more melodic iteration where the latter is darker and more dissonant.

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As of this writing, Eric Prydz still has yet to announce an official release date for Mouseville 022. He's likely to do so sometime in the coming weeks if his releasing "BACKLASH" and "THE TOURNAMENT" is any indicator, fans of the Cirez D releases ought to check back often.

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