A big, new release from our friends over at Audiophile XXL has just hit the airwaves. The record label remains on the forefront of more obscure iterations of the bass garage trend recently popularized by artists like Tchami and Mercer, and their latest offering arrives in the form of Eyes Everywhere's Yoshi EP.

The grooves that lay the foundation for both tracks of the Yoshi EP sound almost akin to the ghetto tech style common to Dirtybird Records releases for the pitched-down hip-hop samples and wonky bass lines incorporated into each arrangement. 8 bit-reminiscent sound effects and synths are sprinkled throughout, however, giving each single an experimental quality that sounds like little else on the market.

In the SoundCloud playlist above you can cue up "Yoshi" and "Tamagotchi" from Eyes Everywhere's Yoshi EP. Afterwards, make sure to keep on the lookout for more tastefully risk-taking releases from Audiophile XXL as the electronic music community finishes off the home stretch of 2016.

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